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Box of eight Gourmet Biscotti of our Summer Collection features four delicious summer flavours:

  • Lemon -Lavender 
  • Chocolate-Raspberry
  • Anise-Orange
  • Vanilla-Rose


Great for those who enjoy a light treat with their favorite drink, or for those who look for a great gift for the friend, co-worker, neighbour or BBQ host! 


We also offer Duo packaging (pack of two Gourmet Biscotti) in following combinations:

Lemon-Lavender only (two biscotti of same flavour)

Lemon-Lavender & Orange-Anise (as displayed)



Summer Collection

  • We offer free delivery within Calgary and Airdrie city limits for orders of $60.00 or more.

    Please note that our Gourmet Biscotti are baked in AHS approved and licensed commercial kitchen and our products contain allergens like wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, etc.

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